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    Stat Codes(VISUAL)


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    Stat Codes(VISUAL) Empty Stat Codes(VISUAL)

    Post  iTz_RaBBiT on Sun Nov 28, 2010 3:04 am

    #Editable Stats
    ;All Will say 1337
    0x00B4E9EC 0x0539
    0x00B4E9EE 0x0539
    0x00B4E9F0 0x0539
    0x00B4E9F2 0x0539
    0x00B4E9F4 0x0539
    0x00B4E9F6 0x0539
    0x00B4E9F8 0x0539
    0x00B4E9FA 0x0539

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