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    Visual Badges


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    Visual Badges Empty Visual Badges

    Post  iTz_RaBBiT on Sat Dec 04, 2010 3:26 pm

    You will see this : 0x02 : change the 02 to a 01 for blue badges and to 00 to no badge

    #Armor Badge
    0x00B4EA03 0x02

    #Ammo Badge
    0x00B4EA04 0x02

    #One Handed Badge
    0x00B4EA05 0x02

    0x00B4EA06 0x02

    #Explosive Badge
    0x00B4EA07 0x02

    #Gadget Badge
    0x00B4EA08 0x02

    #Field Medic Badge
    0x00B4EA09 0x02

    #Triage Badge
    0x00B4EA0A 0x02

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