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    Weapon::M16 Empty Weapon::M16

    Post  iTz_RaBBiT on Sun Nov 28, 2010 2:43 am

    #Photon Cannon
    0x00694FC4 0x00004680
    0x00695E60 0x42000000
    0x00695E74 0x42000000
    0x00695E88 0x42000000
    0x00695E9C 0x42000000
    0x0083FCA0 0x00000001
    0x0083FCF0 0x50000000
    0x0083FD68 0x42500000
    0x0083FD6C 0x42500000
    0x0083FD84 0x00000069
    0x0083FD8C 0x0000007C

    0x00836D58 0x00000002
    0x00836D5C 0x00000008
    0x00836D60 0x00000004
    0x00836D64 0x00000001
    0x00836D68 0x0000009E
    0x00836D6C 0x00000002
    0x00836D70 0x00000000
    0x00836D74 0x00000000
    0x00836D78 0x0000000A
    0x00836D7C 0x0000000C
    0x00836D80 0x00000024
    0x00836D84 0x00000028
    0x00836D88 0x0000003C
    0x00836D8C 0x00000064
    0x00836D90 0x00000064
    0x00836D94 0x00000064
    0x00836D98 0x00000000
    0x00836D9C 0x00000000
    0x00836DA0 0x00000000
    0x00836DA4 0x40000000
    0x00836DA8 0x0000001E
    0x00836DAC 0x00000001
    0x00836DB0 0x001300D4
    0x00836DB4 0x41F00000
    0x00836DB8 0x0000FFFF
    0x00836DBC 0x00000000
    0x00836DC0 0x00000000
    0x00836DC4 0x00000001
    0x00836DC8 0x00000000
    0x00836DCC 0x00000007
    0x00836DD0 0x00000000
    0x00836DD4 0x00000000
    0x00836DD8 0x00000000
    0x00836DDC 0xFFFFFFFF
    0x00836DE0 0x00000000
    0x00836DE4 0x00000000
    0x00836DE8 0x3FC00000
    0x00836DEC 0x00000000
    0x00836DF0 0x437A0000
    0x00836DF4 0x42480000
    0x00836DF8 0x00000001
    0x00836DFC 0x00000000
    0x00836E00 0x00000050
    0x00836E04 0x00000028
    0x00836E08 0x00000028
    0x00836E0C 0x00000028
    0x00836E10 0x40000000
    0x00836E14 0x00000001
    0x00836E18 0x00000000
    0x00836E1C 0x3F800000
    0x00836E20 0x3F800000
    0x00836E24 0x00000000
    0x00836E28 0x00000000
    0x00836E2C 0x00000000
    0x00836E30 0x00000000
    0x00836E34 0x00000000
    0x00836E38 0x00000000
    0x00836E3C 0x00000000
    0x00836E40 0x00000000
    0x00836E44 0x00000000
    0x00836E48 0x00000079
    0x00836E4C 0x00000000
    0x00836E50 0x00000079

    #scruffy120's M16K plasma bullet
    0x00836E2C 0x00000079
    0x00836E48 0x00000079
    0x00836DB8 0xFFFF
    0x00836DBC 0x0A
    0x00798C7E 0xFF
    0x00798C28 0x04
    0x00836D70 0x02

    #scruffy120's M16K blue eletric
    0x00836E2C 0x00000034
    0x00836E48 0x00000034
    0x00836DB8 0xFFFF
    0x00836DBC 0x0A
    0x00798C7E 0xFF
    0x00798C28 0x04
    0x00836D70 0x02

    #Invisible Barrier M16K
    0x00836D5C 0x09
    0x00836D60 0x02
    0x00836DA8 0x00000000
    0x00836E2E 0x4080
    0x00836E32 0x4080
    0x00836E01 0xFF
    0x00836E05 0xFF
    0x00836E09 0xFF
    0x00836E48 0x0000001B
    0x00836E50 0x00000079

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