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    Heal yourself


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    Heal yourself  Empty Heal yourself

    Post  iTz_SLicK on Tue Nov 30, 2010 7:27 pm

    #Heal Yourself
    ;Press Up to Heal Yourself
    0x00449BC8 0x0E200280
    0x00000A00 0x27BDFFD0
    0x00000A04 0xAFA40004
    0x00000A08 0xAFA50008
    0x00000A0C 0xAFA6000C
    0x00000A10 0xAFA70010
    0x00000A14 0x3C0408E2
    0x00000A18 0x84849398
    0x00000A1C 0x3C0508E0
    0x00000A20 0x3C064370
    0x00000A24 0x24070010
    0x00000A28 0x14870003
    0x00000A30 0x8CA56398
    0x00000A34 0xACA6001C
    0x00000A38 0x8FA40004
    0x00000A3C 0x8FA50008
    0x00000A40 0x8FA6000C
    0x00000A44 0x8FA70010
    0x00000A50 0x0E311BCD
    0x00000A48 0x27BD0030
    0x00000A4C 0x03E00008

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