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    Post  iTz_RaBBiT on Sun Nov 28, 2010 3:06 am

    ;upload by
    0x00000600 0x3C0808E2
    0x00000604 0x8D08938C
    0x00000608 0x24090010
    0x0000060C 0x3C0A08D6
    0x00000610 0x3C0B08AF
    0x00000614 0x15090007
    0x0000061C 0x240C02C0
    0x00000620 0xA54C64F0
    0x00000624 0x240D4680
    0x00000628 0xA56DD0F4
    0x0000062C 0x10000005
    0x00000634 0x240C0290
    0x00000638 0xA54C64F0
    0x0000063C 0x240D3F00

    ;upload by
    0x00728000 0x73697774
    0x00728004 0x00646574
    0x00728008 0x3C0808E0
    0x0072800C 0x8D096398
    0x00728010 0x8D2A04D0
    0x00728014 0x3C0B08E2
    0x00728018 0x8D6C938C
    0x0072801C 0x240D0040
    0x00728020 0x158D0007
    0x00728028 0x8D4E03F8
    0x0072802C 0x3C0F0001
    0x00728030 0x01CFC022
    0x00728034 0xAD5803F8
    0x00728038 0x10000008
    0x00728040 0x240D0010
    0x00728044 0x158D0005
    0x0072804C 0x8D4E03F8
    0x00728050 0x3C0F0001
    0x00728054 0x01CFC020
    0x00728058 0xAD5803F8
    0x0072805C 0x3C0A08E3
    0x00728060 0x8D4AEC88
    0x00728064 0x3C0B08F3
    0x00728068 0x8D6B8000
    0x0072806C 0x114B0003
    0x00728074 0x3C0C08E9
    0x00728078 0xAD804E44
    0x0072807C 0x03E00008
    0x00728080 0x0E313E85
    0x00449BE8 0x0E3CA002
    0x00565F8C 0x03E00008
    0x00000640 0xA56DD0F4
    0x00000644 0x03E00008
    0x00000648 0x0E2BABC5
    0x0012CBE4 0x03E00008
    0x00564AB8 0x0E200180

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